Walsall Roads Cycling Club

Time Trialling is a big part of the activities of Walsall Roads Cycling Club. We are affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (CTT), the governing body who administer open and club events throughout the country, and organise many club and open events throughout the year.


  • Club events are informal, cheap to enter, typically mid-week and you don't need to enter in advance.
  • Open events have more rules, are typically at the weekend and you have to enter a fortnight in advance.
  • A time trial is a race for individuals, who ride a course of set distance, starting at minute intervals. The aim is to cover the distance in the shortest time possible. There are time keepers at the start and finish points. The starting time keeper ensures each rider starts at the correct time according to their race number. The finishing time keeper records the finishing time of each rider and works out the results.
  • Club events are good for newcomers to gain results for entry into open events. They are also good for training.

Time Trailling