Walsall Roads Cycling Club

Club Event Championship Trophy

Joe Costello635
Martin Moore632
Phil Brown525
Steve Cooke615.5
Dean Dovey314

The Sam Simpson Trophy will be awarded to the member scoring most handicap points in club 9.2, 10 and 25 mile time trials. In 2018 there are 8 WRCC Club 9.2, 10 & 25 mile events. A members best 6 performances will count. Points awarded along the lines of the club event championship (1st = 6 points down 6th = 1 point and finishers outside top 6 getting 0.5)

David Joberns Road Racing Points Trophy will be awarded to the rider with the most British Cycling points accumulated from road or circuit racing for the 2018 season. Click here to see current standings on British Cycling.

Here you will find the trophy standings for the 2018 season including time trials, road racing and track cycling

The Club Event Championship Trophy will be awarded to the member with the best performance on points in a series of WRCC club events. In 2018 there are 14 WRCC Club events. A members best 9 performances will count. The points will be awarded as follows:- 1st  6 points,2nd 5pts, 3rd 4pts, 4th 3pts, 5th  2pts, 6th 1pt, other finishers-0.5 pt each. 

David Joberns Road Racing Points Trophy


Sam Simpson Trophy

Martin Moore522
Steve Cooke621
Dean Dovey314
Phil Brown314
Simon Toghill212

Trophy Standings - as of  22/09/2018