After nearly 100 years of social rides, all types of competitive cycling and off the bike activities. The WRCC is much more than just a cycling club to many of its members

With 2019 marking the centenary year of Walsall Roads Cycling Club, the committee will be organising events and merchandise for any current or ex-members

Please visit this page for up-to-date information regarding any events and merchandise

We're planning a number of events including the annual prize presentation (a little more ‘special’ than the usual format), a 100km ride with a family friendly social event afterwards and looking into plans to have the annual hill climb on the ‘horseshoe pass’. Centenary year memorabilia will also be available. We are also looking at displaying old photographs / stories etc together with the club trophies at a venue such as Walsall Library or museum. If any ex-members have any suitable material that could be used for this that you don't mind sharing then please get in touch. Lots to sort out, it’s still early days but watch this space.

For now, hold the following dates:
23rd June 2019: 100km social ride & social event afterwards
15th November 2019: Annual dinner / prize presentation 

On the left from 1904, the Walsall Polytechnic CC merged with the Walsall Imperial CC in 1919 to form Walsall Roads CC. On the right are a couple of up-to-date photos of some of the members on the annual trip to Mallorca and representing the club on the track

Walsall Roads Centenary Year 2019

Walsall Roads Cycling Club